We're humans, but still animals.

Cheating is no exclusivity of humans, but it's known that cases of adultery are in their majority committed by men. Women are keen willingly to find out why husbands and boyfriends alike still getting home after a notoriously despicable "late night at the office" with lipstick stained collars. A survey dating 50 years ago disclosed nearly 60% of married men (or men committed to long-term relationships) as positively unfaithful. What's really mind-boggling is that figures remained practically the same to these days.

So what's so baffling about it? Are boys' just being boys or women know how to cover their tracks better? Some people point to men as byproduct of a chauvinistic society. Men are commonly taught to stick in as many moistly body cavities as possible, whereas women passively bond interlacing. Most of all having a cheating father inside the core of their families as role model. So it would be a Freudian thing: a cheating vendetta. In fact, even if factors may come to influence men's high rates of adultery, odds further complicate issue.

Could men's knack for cheating being biologically throwback?

Accordingly to some scientists, yes it could and definitely would. Some theories look into genetic factors as what really act upon men by gearing up for cheating. Genetically, men and every other male alike encompass the sole purpose of passing on their genes to as many females they could. Oddly, females seek out a mating pair that is as perfectly genetically as strong and healthy for protection and better chances of survival, but not necessarily long lasting.

There are many factors seemingly to corroborate this theory. In nature, males of highly territorial species commonly exterminate newborns when conquering the leadership of the clan. It helps them not only to get faster access to a fertile female but also to guarantee preserved bloodline within the clan. Such information became quite relevant as added to the unequivocal fact of child molesting and abusing cases being in great majority perpetuated by stepfathers. That for scientists would be an unconscious manifestation of a concealed animal instinct in preserving bloodline. Another example would be that monogamic relationships are very rare in the wild, characterizing it as the real deviant behavior.
It seems from an evolutionary standpoint as straightforward a formula as functional. The strongest male will subjugate the other rivals, seducing all in heat females available, thus genetic fingerprinting more generations to come. The only difference accordingly to modern standard lies in simply not looking for the strongest male solely, but for replacing old-fashioned traits by enticingly modern euphemisms such as "handsome", "well-succeeded", or "intelligent".

Scientists, too, have a word or two about the urban legend of women who also cheat, however in a lesser extent: Those so-called cheaters would be searching for another dominant male that would better suit their genetic make of. As unraveled by survey, herewith nearly every cheating female started it when in her most fertile period.

But what is it all about? Women should come to grips with the idea of men as biologically programmed cheaters and, as themselves, bound to stay monogamic. Being faithful while their male counterpart mess around for the sake of a biological blue print? Not really. Other schools of thought envisioned cheating patterns being determined by social factors, even though such social factors entail roots in the biological patterns of behavior. In that, there might be a combination of both social and biological factors, so that men would've a tendency to cheating indeed, without meaning that everyone would without exceptions. In short, it's the behavioral attributes that really make the difference.




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